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I know that the top paid surveys are more impossible to find than flying at the speed of light, but there is hope. Lots of hope, in fact. Through all the trials and tribulations you've encountered in 2011 and into 2012, there is hope to get your butt over to the top paid surveys that have the best survey payments, all for free. That's a big one. The word "free" is thrown around quite a bit with survey sites, but many of the ones you've been involved with are not truly free. Believe it or not, the most legit ones ARE truly free, and never as you for a single dime. Who would have thought??

The top paid surveys are not hiding somewhere, and they aren't a figment of your imagination. They are everywhere. From Fusion Cash (you can find their link to the right), to Memolink (the almighty and long standing Grand father of survey sites), there are more than enough to choose from. The problem is that many of you are giving up, because you spend hours upon hours looking for the best survey sites, only to be disappointed with the 20 places you tried, only to see a few bucks in your hand at the end of the month. That's an ongoing problem for you, isn't it? Well, if you look around my website, do some much needed research on your own, (although I've done most of it for you) it doesn't have to be rocket science to start earning hundreds of dollars from the top paid surveys. The problem nowadays is that people don't want to "work", or waste time. Our attention spans are too short, and we want everything "now"!

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From Global Test Market, to Surveys for Profit, the list goes on and on. You have to be careful when digging through the web, though, because for every 2-3 of the top paid surveys, there are about 432 of the worst, non-paying ones. Those non-paying ones give all of the best survey sites a bad name, and it's a shame, because it makes well intentioned people miss out of the truly legit, steady income possibility that the top paid surveys continually give to those that stick with them. If you love sharing your opinion, getting money for that opinion, and receiving money from 5-6 different companies every month on end, the top paid surveys are there for you.