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Is It Worth It To Do Online Surveys For Cash?

You probably have so many questions about online surveys for cash. Are they even worth trying? How many do you need to do? How long do they have to be to make any serious money in 2010 and beyond to 2011?


Those are all perfectly legitimate questions, and luckily, I have all of the answers to those questions. Let's start with the very first question that people have when trying to do online surveys for cash lately.

Are they even worth doing, since many people seem to be turned off by them?



This is a question I hear quite a lot. Both in the online world and in real life. While it is true that many people are turned off by survey websites, they are turned off by them for all of the wrong reasons. Just because they run into 3 or 4 websites that are complete garbage and don't pay, they think that every single survey sites out there will pay minimal amounts. They truly think that filling online surveys for cash is a complete waste of time, because they only get a few dollars.



This is what will happen to you if you count on search results and lists in order to see what types of paid survey websites are available. Just so you know, the smaller, higher paying ones never really come up high in search results, which his why you never find them. The average person doesn't even go past the very first page of results before settling on a website to try out. The best ones are stuffed in the back and middle pages, which can be time consuming, but it is well worth it down the road, because you can do online surveys for cash they supply you with over 4 times as much money than any of the sites on the front pages. Websites like Fusion Cash and Global Test Market and amazing (and very good paying), yet they come up far back in the search results for the keywords most individuals search for.



Here's the next question I hear quite a bit...


How many do you need to do in order to make, say, $300 per month?



Well, this is any easy one to figure out. If you took my advice above and did a bit of digging before completing online surveys for cash, you should not need to do “that” many to see $300 a month. At the better websites, a 15 minute survey should pay about 2-3 dollars, while the longer 45 minute ones will pay upwards of 8 bucks a pop. Average that out, and you can accomplish that goal by doing between 1 and 2 paid surveys per day.



If you have even a little bit of time, that should not be too terribly hard to accomplish when sitting down to do online surveys for cash. It hasn't been hard for me.

This is what to expect when attempting to do online surveys for cash, although I do more surveys per day and make much more money because of it.


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